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    How often will Squeaky send me a bill?

    We’ll email you a digital copy of your bill on the same date every month. This will usually be the date you went live with Squeaky or a date agreed with your account manager. To keep our electricity prices low and save the trees, we send bills directly to your email inbox, (which means less paper work for you). 

    05th July

    I have a billing query - how should I contact Squeaky?

    For any billing issues, you can contact your named account manager directly or call the Squeaky service team on 0203 907 8446 and we’ll aim to get it sorted as quickly as possible.

    05th July

    Why is my bill higher than last month?

    Businesses will use more electricity in the winter months and during busy business periods. We only charge you for what you use each month, so you have probably been using more electricity compared to your previous bill. Keep an eye out for energy saving tips on our blog.

    05th July

    What happens at the end of my fixed term contract?

    A few months before your contract ends, we will provide a renewal quote so you can continue to use Squeaky clean energy. But we understand that sometimes you might want to switch supplier (although we’d love you to stay), just notify your account manager and we will handle the switch with your new supplier.  What happens is, we get an opening readin

    05th July

    How do I pay my bill with Squeaky?

    It's really easy. We'll ask you for a meter reading before the end of the month and then once you've submitted your reading, we send you a bill at the end of the month. Based on what you've used, we then take a payment via Direct Debit from your allocated bank account.  Lots of Squeakers love this approach as it helps with business budgeting and all

    05th July

    My old supplier has offered me a better deal to stay with them – should I take it?

    More often than not, your old supplier will offer you a better deal to try and stop you from switching. Fair enough. But before going ahead with the switch, make sure you have compared the quote correctly.  What are the unit rates and standing charge comparatively? Is it genuinely fixed or can prices fluctuate? Squeaky offers a fixed year tariff for

    05th July

    When will I receive a final bill from my previous supplier?

    You usually get your final bill 4 - 6 weeks after you've transferred to the new supplier. When you switch to Squeaky, we ask for an opening meter reading to send to your previous supplier so they can issue you a final bill and then close down the account.

    05th July

    When will my first Direct Debit go out?

    Squeaky will take your first Direct Debit payment 14 days after your first invoice.

    10th July

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