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    What is a smart meter?

    A smart meter means you don’t need to read your meter as they allow you to review your usage and spend in real-time via a device fitted within your business. You might be offered one as part of your switch, but lots of people are preferring to wait until the next generation of meters have got over any teething problems. We agree and are waiting for

    27th July

    Can I switch to Squeaky if I have a smart meter?

    Yes, no problem. The only down side is the first generation of smart meters only work effectively with the supplier that originally installed it. So you when you switch to Squeaky or new a new supplier, you will have take manual readings instead. That's why we're hanging on in there for the next generation of smart meters, so customers can get accur

    05th July

    Can I get a smart meter with Squeaky?

    Not right now. We are waiting for the second generation smart meters (SMETS2) to launch, which are still undergoing some testing. the first generation meters didn't quite cut the mustard so we want to make sure our customers can get the best possible service with Squeaky.  SMETs stands for 'Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications'. You don

    13th July

    Why do I have more than one meter?

    Businesses have multiple meters for a variety of reasons. It's possible that you're a bigger business so use more energy or perhaps you're in a premise that has changed shape over the years.  This may mean that you have multiple contracts with different contract end dates, so just keep an eye on it so you don't fall into expensive out of contract ra

    05th July

    How do I read my meter?

    Single rate digital meter, two rate/economy 7, dial meter? There's lots of different meters out there. Some have dials, some have numbers, some have digital displays. But it doesn't need to be confusing. Basically you need to write down the numbers, from left to right. A typical reading looks like this: 07220.  Some meters have two numbers or sets o

    05th July

    What is an advanced meter?

    An advanced meter means you don’t need to read your meter, as they send data every half hour over a mobile network to your energy company. This type of meter allows for digital, remote meter reads that allow your provider to get an accurate and timely look at your consumption for precise billing.  But don't get confused with smart meters because adv

    27th July

    Can I keep my existing advanced meter?

    Yes.  There is a wide range of electricity meters that your business may have installed, depending on your electricity consumption and the times at which you operate. Most businesses have an AMR 'advanced' meter or a standard meter (where you are required to take your own meter readings). Squeaky supply electricity to both types of meter. 

    04th July

    How can I find out which meter is ours?

    It’s possible that other businesses also have their meters in your premises (perhaps because the walls are in different places now than they used to be). Ot there might be old meters that aren’t used anymore. The trick is to look for the MPAN on your bill, and then find the same number on your meter. (You might want to label your meter so it’s easie

    05th July

    What does an electricity meter look like and where can I find it?

    Like something off Back To The Future. An industrial-looking box with dials and numbers. Meters are normally up high in a corner, sometimes in a cupboard or a box, often hidden in a stairwell basement. We’ve pulled together a few electricity meters for you.  INC IMAGE/ ILLUSTRATION

    05th July

    What’s a half hourly and non-half hourly meter?

    Businesses (like factories) that use a lot of electric have HH (half hourly) meters. As you might have guessed, a half hourly meter is an energy meter that monitors the amount of electricity used by a business within a half-hour period. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t; you probably have an NHH (yes, you guessed it, non half hourly) meter

    27th July

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