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    I’m moving to a new premise or have moved in to a new premise - can I stay with Squeaky for my electricity supply?

    Yes you can.

    The best thing to do is find out who the current supplier is and give them a call to let them know your moving date, or that you’ve already moved, and that you’re switching to Squeaky. 

    The sooner you get in touch the better. Leaving it too late can cause big delays to the switch and sometimes objections to the move.

    If you don’t know who the current supplier is, you can send us your MPAN (a 21 digit number for your meter) so we can find them for you. Just take a picture of it and we'll do the rest. For help on how to find your MPAN, read our helpful guide.

    Always remember when moving premise and switching supplier you won't get cut off.

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