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    Which meters Squeaky can quote online

    AKA what does 'single NHH only' mean?

    Our online quote tool is currently for single NHH meters only. But what does this mean?


    This means that we can currently only do an online quote for one electricity meter at a time.

    Most micro or small businesses will only have one electricity meter, so go ahead!

    But some businesses will have more than one - maybe because your premises has knocked together previously separate units, which each had their own meters.

    If this is the case, don't worry, we can give you a quote for multiple meters on the phone.


    This means that we can currently only do an online quote for 'non half hourly' electricity meters.

    There are two main types of electricity meter, NHH (non half hourly) and HH (half hourly). The difference is how often the meter measures your electricity consumption.

    Broadly speaking, if you don't use too much electricity (like a shop) you'll have a NHH meter, but if you use a lot (like a factory) you'll have an HH meter.

    If you have an HH meter your MPAN will begin with 00. If you have a NHH meter then it will begin with 01 - 08.

    If you have a NHH meter, then go ahead and get an online quote. If you have an HH meter, then don't worry, we can give you a quote on the phone.

    Our products for bigger businesses

    If you have a large portfolio of meters then we can supply you. Please give our sales team a call.

    We also have an innovative modular PPA product that enables smaller corporates to manage their power price risk. Again, please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

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