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    What payment options are available with Squeaky?

    During the Squeaky sign up process, you can set up a new Direct Debit with our processing partner GoCardless which is a secure and easy way to pay every month. Just provide us with your bank account details and we'll debit the amount of money owed from your account each month.

    17th June

    Why can’t I set up a fixed monthly direct debit with Squeaky?

    We set up our monthly billing process so that customers only pay for what they use making it easier to manage your business planning and accounts. Squeaky asks you to submit your monthly readings so your bill will always be accurate and you’ll never pay for more than what you actually used. We decided not to offer a fixed monthly plan but if you’d l

    17th June

    I've been told I get a welcome pack - what’s in it?

    We send all of our customers a welcome pack which includes stickers and posters so you can show off to your staff and customers that your business is running on 100% squeaky clean local energy.

    17th June

    When do I submit opening meter readings?

    You will receive a welcome letter on the date of your transfer and we will ask for your opening meter reading then. 

    05th July

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