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    What does ‘clean’ energy mean?

    Good question. We always make sure your energy comes from our portfolio of non-polluting solar, wind and hydro generators. Many energy providers use ‘renewable’ and ‘green’ to describe energy from ‘dirty’ sources which includes nuclear, landfill gas and biomass.  Want to know more? Read about energy’s dirty secret on our blog.

    05th July

    Why doesn't Squeaky do gas?

    We’ve chosen to focus on electricity as it’s possible to supply 100% clean electricity to thousands of businesses at scale. To be honest there isn’t much ‘Green Gas’ in the UK compared to electricity and we want to make sure we're always operating in a ‘Squeaky Clean’ way.  We have access to the UK's largest portfolio of clean energy which is enough

    05th July

    What happens if the wind isn't blowing or sun isn't shining - will we still have power?

    Short answer is yes. We guarantee to top up your supply with one of our alternative clean generators. No worries! This way you will always be supplied with 100% clean electricity whatever the weather.  Read more about our generators here.

    05th July

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