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    How long does switching take?

    It usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks to switch supplier. During this time we get things in order like contacting  your old supplier for meter information and setting you up with your designated clean generator. We manage this process for you, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of the transfer. We’ll keep you up to date if there are an

    18th June

    Is there a risk of getting cut off when switching?

    No, switching supplier doesn’t impact the supply of electricity to your premises. The main thing to remember when switching your energy is to contract with your new supplier as early as possible. This will allow time for your old supplier to raise any concerns as in rare cases, a previous supplier will object to the transfer. A typical reason for th

    17th June

    My current supplier has offered me a better deal to stay with them – should I take it?

    Different suppliers may provide their quotes in different ways, so it can be difficult to compare them ‘like for like’. The best idea is to take a recent month that you have a bill to hand for, and do a simple calculation to figure out what your new suppliers would charge you for the same amount of days and energy.  Remember though, your bill will b

    05th July

    Can I set up more than one site with Squeaky?

    Yes, you can! We will help you get the best price for all of your business premises.

    18th June

    How do I compare my Squeaky quote with my previous supplier?

    Only compare new quotes to new quotes. You shouldn't compare prices from 1,2 or 3 years ago as wholesale prices do change significantly so even your old supplier probably won’t give you those same rates now.  Our advice is to take a recent month that you have a bill to hand for, and do a simple calculation to figure out what your Squeaky would charg

    18th June

    Why has Squeaky objected to my switch?

    When we object to your switch to us, this could be for a variety of reasons. There could be outstanding payments on your current supplier account, so you just need to clear any debt with your existing provider. Sometimes the archaic industry database fails to identify the correct address. Or perhaps your business sector may not comply with our CSR p

    05th July

    How do I know if I'm in credit or debit with my old supplier?

    If you're in credit, your previous supplier will transfer you the money to your bank account when you've received your final bill (winning!). If you have outstanding payments, you need to pay this as soon possible, as this will delay your switch (so you'll need to get a wiggle on). 

    05th July

    How do I exit my current contract?

    You can exit your contract simply by sending a termination letter to your supplier. Just ask our Squeaky sales team if you need a hand writing it, but they usually go something like this... RE: Contract number xxxxxx Please accept this letter as formal notice to terminate our current electricity supply contract under contract number xxxxxx dated [in

    05th July

    Can I leave my current contract early?

    You can leave your supplier within 42 days of the end of your contract without any exit fees. According to the energy regulator OFGEM, they are not allowed to charge you in this period. If you are classed as a micro business customer you won’t have to wait for a window to cancel your contract with your current energy supplier as long as you still ha

    05th July

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